V’14: OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 6, 2014

Special Programs

GABBLA | Tariq Teguia (Algerien/F 2008)

Here you can find information about the Special-Programs of the Viennale 2014:

Viggo Mortensen | © Viennale

A Dangerous Method
A Tribute to Viggo Mortensen

The American-Danish actor Viggo Mortensen is probably what one could call a classical Hollywood maverick – both cult star and outsider, unpredictable and wayward, and celebrated for his memorable work.


SPECIAL 16mm | Nathaniel Dorsky

Revolutions in 16mm
Towards an Alternate History of the Small Gauge

Many of the greatest revolutions in twentieth century cinema were made possible only by the invention of 16mm. From Direct Cinema to the many still resonating waves of avant-garde film, the dynamic mobility, accessibility and unprecedented intimacy of 16mm cameras and equipment empowered and invented filmmakers on a still unrecognized scale...


SPECIAL Arabische Utopie | Tariq Teguia

Arab Utopia
The Algerian Filmmaker Tariq Teguia

For several years now, the Algerian photographer and filmmaker Tariq Teguia, born in 1966, has not only been his country’s most important director but also one of the most significant political chroniclers of the so-called “Arab Spring.”


SPECIAL Harun Farocki | © Viennale

The Inscription of the World
In memory of filmmaker Harun Farocki

On July 30th, 2014, the German director and video artist Harun Farocki died unexpectedly at the age of 70. Starting in the middle of the 1960s and over several decades, Farocki made about 120 films and installations, developing an extremely original and specific form of essayist-documentary cinema...