V’17: OCTOBER 19 – NOVEMBER 2, 2017

Films by category: tribute

Tribute: Christopher Walken

12 movies for V'16
A Tribute to Christopher Walken

Tribute: Gonzalo García Pelayo

5 movies for V'13

With Gonzalo García Pelayo, the Viennale presents a great mystery man of Spanish cinema, a director whose work has never been shown in its entirety outside his home country.

Tribute: Harun Farocki

9 movies for V'14

The Inscription of the World

Tribute: Kenneth Lonergan

5 movies for V'16

You Can Count on Him
Screenwriter and Filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan

Tribute: Manoel de Oliveira

16 movies for V'15

How Green was my Valley

A Tribute to filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira – remembered by Pedro Costa

Tribute: Peter Hutton

21 movies for V'16

A Tribute to Peter Hutton

Tribute: Raúl Perrone

9 movies for V'15

The Man from Ituzaingó

Raúl Perrone - The Last of the Independents

Tribute: Tippi Hedren

1 movies for V'15

Choreography of Desire

A Tribute to Tippi Hedren

Tribute to Michael Caine

10 movies for V'12

If there’s one actor for whom the word “professional” is more than just another way of characterizing a pragmatic attitude to work, then it’s the great Michael Caine.

Tribute to Peter Nestler

25 movies for V'01

Tribute: Viggo Mortensen

6 movies for V'14

A Dangerous Method

Tribute: Will Ferrell

11 movies for V'13

In today’s Hollywood cinema, which isn’t exactly bursting with intelligence, inventiveness and originality, the so-called New American Comedy is considered one of the few except