V’17: OCTOBER 19 – NOVEMBER 2, 2017


© Robert Newald
Viennale - Austria's biggest film festival
The Viennale International Film Festival Vienna - is a NON-COMPETITIVE FILM FESTIVAL.
It is acknowledged by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). The Viennale's main program presents films of all genres and formats (presented in original version with English and/or German subtitles).

The Viennale’s festival program mainly consists of films participating BY INVITATION. Therefore, please do not send in unsolicited preview screeners.

Film Entry for the Viennale 2017 - deadline for entry: July 12, 2017
© Robert NewaldIf you would like to submit a film or video to the Viennale festival edition 2017 we kindly ask you to send us a ONE PAGE SYNOPSIS (unaccompanied by any forms, but including technical details such as original format, running time, screening format, etc.) so we might get a first impression of what the film/video is about (deadline: July 31, 2017).
Please send the synopsis to: film@viennale.at
If you have not received a request for a preview screener within two weeks after sending in the synopsis, the film/video has not been chosen for preselection.
We ask for your understanding that you will only be contacted in case of a positive selection.
If the film/video has been chosen for consideration in our main program you will be sent a note of invitation to participate in our preselection (deadline for requested preview tapes: July 31, 2017; DVD PAL or DVD NTSC region free possible).

The Viennale predominately shows feature and documentary films, as well as selected short films.

The following formats can be screened at the Viennale:
- 70mm
- 35mm
- 16mm
- S-8


Please note that the films/videos selected for the Viennale 's main program may have been screened at other festivals, yet must not have been shown in Austria.

Please also note that in case of entries of short narratives (fiction films up to 40 minutes) the Viennale can only accept Austrian productions.

We further would like to point out that due to the great number of curated films the possibility for the submission of further films into the Viennale program is limited.